Sweet Bread Rolls with Cheese Crumbs and Chocolate Fillings / Roti Sobek Coklat Keju

Sweet bread rolls with cheese crumbs fillings……………………so yummy………………..and it is absolutely one of my boy’s favorite bread. In Indonesia, we name this as roti sobek (pull apart bread) or roti kasur (kasur means bed, and this bread is so soft that reminds as to our soft bed at home……………..hahaha…………..). It is one of a very well known type of bread for us in Indonesia, and it comes not only in round shape, but also in rectangle or square shape. The fillings can be anything, from cheese, chocolate, strawberry, coconut, kaya jam, etc.

My chocolate and cheese pull apart bread

If you buy cheese pull apart bread in Jakarta, you will find out that the filling is not just melted cheese. The cheese is mixed with other ingredients such as milk powder, flour, butter, and sugar. When we buy this kind of bread in the bread store, sometimes the flour overpower the cheese, so it doesn’t taste so good. I know that the shop do this for cost efficiency, but I still don’t like it if the filling contains more flour than cheese, but of course, it was different when I made the cheese filling myself.

I was so happy with the result……………..so soft just like my bed at home……………

So when I made the cheese filling for the bread, I doubled the amount of cheese and reduce the amount of flour into half, and the result was amazing. The cheese mixture taste completely different than the one we used to buy from the bread shop, and it was so yummy that even I liked it too. I am not a big fan of cheese, so I was surprised that I could finally like cheese bread. Even daddy who always liked chocolate better than cheese, said that the cheese bread was more delicious than the chocolate one………………..

We could just eat the cheese crumbs without the bread

The bread itself was also very soft and it was one of the best bread recipe that I have ever tried. Someone once said that once we are able to make bread at home, we don’t want to buy bread again from the bread store, and indeed it is true. Homemade bread, although not as perfect as bread from the bread store, tastes different and much better. Why? Because it needs hard work (especially to wash all the dishes after I finish the baking process, hahaha……….), patience (to roll, shape, and wait for the dough to rise properly), and passion (when I am not in the mood of making anything, I will not do it because I know the result will not be as good as I expect). And of course, it is made with love………………………

Look at the bread……………..so soft………….

For this bread, I made the dough by using my stand mixer, and although the process was not as fast as when I used my food processor, but it was easier to clean. So below I also explain the steps of how to use a stand mixer to knead bread dough and it is different than using a food processor. When using a stand mixer, we add butter and salt at the last step, but when we use food processor, liquid ingredients always comes last.

The inside of the chocolate bread was also very soft


For the bread:

  1. 350 gr bread flour
  2. 150 gr all purpose flour
  3. 100 gr castor sugar
  4. 1 egg
  5. 2 egg yolks
  6. 12 gr instant yeast
  7. 20 gr milk powder
  8. 220 ml cold milk
  9. 1/2 tsp salt
  10. 100 gr unsalted butter, melted, in room temperature

For the fillings: (this cheese filling recipe is enough for 10 small bread)

  1. 25 gr all purpose flour
  2. 100 gr finely grated cheddar cheese
  3. 20 gr milk powder
  4. 35 gr castor sugar
  5. 25 gr butter, in room temperature
  6. chocolate chips
  7. chocolate rice sprinkle


Preparing the cheese crumbs mixture:

  1. In a non stick pan and in low heat, stir fry flour for 7 to 8 minutes until the texture becomes light. Set aside in a medium bowl and let it cool completely
  2. Add grated cheddar cheese, milk powder, castor sugar, and butter to the flour and mix well until they become small crumbs. Set aside

Making bread dough (with a stand mixer):

  1. Attach bowl and dough hooks to the mixer
  2. Add bread flour, all purpose flour, sugar, eggs, instant yeast, and milk powder into the mixer bowl and start mixing with the lowest speed (speed 1 in my mixer)
  3. Gradually add milk
  4. When dough clings to the hooks and cleans sides of bowl, add salt and butter
  5. Continue mixing until the dough is smooth, elastic, and not sticky (do a windowpane test to check whether the dough is ready or not). It took 15 minutes for my stand mixer to finish kneading the dough
    Smooth dough
    Not sticky

    Windowpane test: the dough can be stretched without breaking it
  6. Place dough in greased bowl, turning to grease top. Cover with cling wrap and a clean cloth and let rise in warm place for about 45 minutes to 1 hour or until doubled in bulk. To see if the dough has risen enough, simply poke your finger into the dough, and if the finger mark stays, then it has finished rising

    After…………..double in size
  7. Punch dough down and divide into 50 gr each (I made 21 small bread dough with this recipe). Let rise for another 15 minutes
  8. Shape the dough and add the filling based on the instructions below and place on a round or square cake pan lined with parchment paper (give some space in between the dough because it will rise and become bigger in size)
    Take one of the dough and shape into round shape
    Flatten the sides with the palm of your hand, leaving the middle side slightly thicker than the edges
    Flip the dough bottom side up and place the fillings in the center of each dough
    Bring all the edges of the dough together to the center and pinch to seal tightly

    With the seal at the bottom side, smooth the dough by rolling it in between your fingers
  9. Cover the pan with clean cloth and let the dough rest again for another 30 minutes
  10. Lightly brush each dough with milk and sprinkle grated cheddar cheese or chocolate sprinkle
  11. Preheat oven to 180 C and bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown
  12. Lightly brush with unsalted butter for soft crust, then transfer to a cooling rack and cover with clean cloth


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