Fish Floss Roll / Sumpia Abon Ikan

In my previous post, I shared the recipe of how to make fish floss from raw fish. So, since I had 2 jars of fish floss, I decided to make something that went well with the fish floss. We ate fish floss with hot rice and as topping of fried rice, but then I was thinking of making something that I loved to eat when I was a little girl. I wanted to introduce this snack to my son too and hoped that he would like it too.

It was actually fish floss rolls which we could easily get in Bee Cheng Hiang or other snack shops, but again, it was so expensive although it came in small packages. It was very easy to make, so I though of making it at home by myself.

In Indonesia, this delicious crispy snack is known as “Sumpia”. My favorite was the ones with the the mixture of shrimp floss with a bit of spiciness inside. It was so yummy and I was certain that I could finish the whole package by myself if I didn’t have to share with other family members, hahaha………………….

All I need were just store bought spring roll wrapper and my homemade fish floss, and voila……………… floss rolls were ready within minutes. Fish floss roll is actually a mini version of spring roll with dry ingredients inside and can be stored for up to one week outside the refrigerator. If you put in an air tight container, I guarantee the fish floss rolls will stay fresh and crispy.

Fortunately, my son loved this fish floss roll and he loved having it with mango iced tea as his after school snack. Well, you can have this snack anytime with coffee or tea, and even I had this as my breakfast when I was not in the mood to cook for myself.

So, enjoy these adorable crispy rolls………………….


  1. Spring roll pastry (22 X 22 cm)
  2. Fish floss
  3. Egg white, beaten (we will use this to glue the rolls)
  4. Oil to deep fry the rolls


  1. 1. Cut each spring roll pastry into 4 identical squares and lay them on flat surface
  2. Place 1 or 2 tsp (depend on how big you want the rolls to be) of fish floss into on side of the spring roll skin
  3. Roll it up tightly. Fold the left and right sides until it resembles an envelope. Roll again and seal the edges with the egg wash
  4. Do these steps for the rest of the spring roll skins. How many skins you will use will be depending on how many rolls you want to make
  5. Heat up your wok with enough cooking oil. Once the oil is fully heated up, fry the mini spring rolls on medium heat until golden brown
  6. Dish out and drain the oil
  7. Make sure the rolls are completely cool before keeping them in airtight container to ensure that the rolls remain crispy


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