Tahu dan Pare Isi Ikan Dori / Stuffed Fried Beancurd and Bitter Gourd (Using Dory Fish)

Oh my…………..this is one of my favorite dish since I was a child. This dish is very popular in Indonesia and we used to call it siomay (the steam version) or batagor (the fried version). There are many versions of siomay which might sound like siew mai or Chinese dim sum made of chicken or pork, but it’s actually a different dish. Originally, Indonesian siomay is made of fish paste (usually tengiri fish) mixed with tapioca flour. For variations, the fish paste can also be stuffed into cabbage, bitter gourd, potatoes, and tofu. For batagor, we are using wanton skin as the wrapper of the fish paste and then cut into bite size. Although I can also find this kind of stuffed tofu and bitter gourd in Singapore (you must be familiar with the name “Yong Tau Foo”), there is one thing that differentiate the way we eat this dish.

In Singapore, Yong Tau Foo is eaten with soup in a bowl. It can be a clear soup, curry flavor soup, tom yam based soup, and even laksa soup. In Indonesia, siomay is eaten with peanut sauce made fresh from raw peanuts (we will never use peanut butter to make the sauce, we always make the sauce fresh by using raw peanuts). After we pour lots and lots of peanut sauce on top of the dish, we also like to add some ketchup, sweet soy sauce, chili sauce, and squeeze lime on top of the dish and mix everything well. Then we eat happily until our tummy if full……………….

Since siomay is a common dish in my hometown, we can find it easily almost everywhere (including in fancy restaurants or hotels as breakfast, lunch, or dinner), but the best siomay are still the ones from the street vendor or wet market food stalls (in my opinion).

Stuffed tofu………………

As I wrote previously that commonly, we use cabbage, tofu, bitter gourd, eggs, and potatoes, but this time I only made this dish from bitter gourd and fried beancurd. Although my husband is not a bitter gourd lover, but he said he loved it so much and it didn’t taste bitter at all. He could eat at least 6 bitter gourd every time. Since he didn’t eat spicy food, I also made the sauce not spicy at all and he said he like it a lot. For the boy, he still prefer not to try to taste bitter gourd, hahaha……………and he still not a big fan of peanut sauce………….well, maybe someday……………….. but he loved the crispy stuffed fried beancurd a lot……………..

I love bitter gourd……………….it’s a healthy vegetable………………

Since dory fish was on sale in the Giant Supermarket (so I bought many packages), I made this dish using dory fish instead of tengiri fish, and it tasted sooo…………..good too. I also added white tofu, mushroom, and carrots as I intended to make this a super healthy dish, hahaha……………..

How to Make Stuffed Tofu and Bitter Gourd


  1. 2 packages of dory fish or pangasius fillet (each package was around 400 gr)
  2. 5 garlic
  3. 2 tbsp sesame oil
  4. 2 tbsp fish sauce
  5. 1 tbsp soy sauce
  6. 1.5 tbsp salt
  7. 2 egss
  8. 5 tbsp tapioca flour
  9. 2 carrots, grated
  10. 1 white firm tofu (around 6 x 6 x 3 cm), mashed with your hand or with a fork
  11. 20 gr dried black fungus, soak in cold water for 15 minutes, squeeze the excess water, then finely chopped
  12. 20 spring onions, minced
  13. 30 gr coriander leaves, minced
  14. 20 tofu puff / fried beancurd
  15. 1 or 2 bitter gourd


  1. In a food processor, place dory fish, garlic, sesame oil, fish sauce, soy sauce, salt, and egg. Process until they form a paste
  2. Transfer the paste to a big bowl, then add tapioca flour and mix well
  3. Add grated carrots, mashed tofu, minced black fungus, minced spring onion, and minced coriander leaves to the bowl. Stir until all ingredients mix well. Set aside
  4. Cut the tofu puff diagonally into 2 (triangle shape)
  5. Fill each tofu puff with the fish paste using a tea spoon
  6. Prepare a steamer and steam until the fish paste is thoroughly cook (around 30 minutes)
  7. Let it cool and you can either deep fried the stuffed tofu or put in the oven for 15 minutes (200 C) to make the tofu puff crispy
  8. Wash bitter gourd and cut into 2 cm round shape
  9. Scoop out the seeds (using your hands or a small spoon)
  10. Fill each bitter gourd with the fish paste
  11. Prepare a steamer and steam bitter gourd until soft (poke with a fork before your turn off the heat)
  12. Serve with peanut sauce (sambal kacang)

How to Make Peanut Sauce


  1. Raw peanuts, clean and let it dry. Fried with 2 tbsp of vegetable oil in a non stick pan until thoroughly cooked. Place in a food processor and pulse several times to chop them finely. I used 220 gr fried finely chopped peanuts. I usually make fried peanut paste in big batch and keep it in the refrigerator for further use
  2. 3 garlic
  3. 1 shallot
  4. 1.5 tsp palm sugar / gula jawa
  5. 8 kafir lime leaves
  6. 1 tsp salt
  7. 2 tbsp sugar
  8. 400 ml water
  9. 1 tbsp sweet soy sauce (optional)
  10. 2 tbsp chili sauce (optional)
  11. Lime juice from 3 limes


  1. Place finely chopped fried peanut, garlic, shallot, salt, sugar, palm sugar, and water in a food processor and process until smooth
  2. Remove to a non stick pan and add kafir lime leaves. Cook in low heat, bring to boil and wait until the amount of water reduced and the sauce becomes thick. The thickness of the sauce is depending on your preference
  3. When the sauce is thicken, add sweet soy sauce and chili sauce then mix well and bring to boil again
  4. Taste the sauce and add salt, sugar, sweet soy sauce, or chili sauce if necessary
  5. Turn off the heat, add lime juice to the sauce and mix well
  6. Transfer to a serving bowl

How to serve:

  1. Cut stuffed tofu and bitter gourd into bite size
  2. Pour peanut sauce on top of the stuffed tofu and bitter gourd and mix everything well
  3. Add more sweet soy sauce and chili sauce (I like it to be very spicy…………..)


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