Ayam Goreng Kuning / Yellow (Turmeric) Fried Chicken With Crispy Bits


This yellow (turmeric) fried chicken has been a favorite in my family since I was a little kid. My mom cooked this dish perfectly that we always craved for more. She usually didn’t cook a lot since chicken was very expensive back then, so every time she cooked this, we were so happy and we could add more rice again and again to our plates (when I said we it means me, my sisters, and my dad). In my opinion, she also made the best sambal terasi (Indonesian traditional chili paste with shrimp paste) to accompany this fried chicken. We were used to eat raw vegetables such as cucumber, kemangi leaves (basil leaves?), cabbage, tomato, and lettuce with this fried chicken. What a healthy and satisfying dish……………

Most of all, we loved the crispy bits that my mom fried from the mixture of herbs and spices that was cooked with the chicken. It was oh so delicious…………..and we would never had enough no matter how much my mom made the crispy bits. We could even ate the bits just with hot steam white rice only.

Super delicious crispy bits with sambal terasi
Super delicious crispy bits with sambal terasi

According to my mom who taught me how to cook this dish, to make more of the crispy bits, I have to use lots of candle-nuts. And this was what I did when making this dish. My husband is a huge fan of this fried chicken, and he even likes it better than the usual fried chicken that coated with flour. Fortunately, my son also loves this fried chicken and especially the crispy bits. Both of them become the perfect duo finishing the chicken and the crispy bits.

It is actually very easy to cook this fried chicken, but just be careful of the splatter when friying the chicken and the bits. Cover the pan with lid for safety precautions.

Enjoy the recipe…………..

Fried Chicken


  1. 1 chicken, clean and cut 8. Although the chicken skin will turn out crispy and delicious when fried with this recipe, but I removed the skin for healthy reason (except for the wings and this turned out to be everyone’s favorite)
  2. 70 gr candle-nuts, stir fry in a non stick pan without oil until fragrant and golden brown or a bit burn on the skin
  3. 15 garlic
  4. 15 red onions (or use 1 large red onion plus 3 red onions)
  5. 1 tbsp + 1 tsp coriander powder
  6. 1 tbsp turmeric powder
  7. 1 tbsp saltspices-and-herbs
  8. 15 lime leaves
  9. 6 salam leaves
  10. 1 thumb of ginger, cut in thin slices
  11. 2 thumbs of fresh galangal (lengkuas), cut in thin slices
  12. 2 lemongrass, peel of outer layer, cut into 2, and crush them with the back of the knifeherbs-and-spices
  13. 200 ml of water, or more


  1. Process ingredients number 2 to number 7 (candle-nuts, garlic, red onion, coriander powder, turmeric powder, and salt in a blender until they form a paste
  2. Prepare a large non stick wok. Add herb and spices paste from method number 1 along with ginger, galangal, and lemon grass to the wokimg_5662
  3. Stir fry in medium heat until it becomes really fragrantimg_5663
  4. Add lime leaves and salam leaves to the mixture and stir a few timesimg_5664
  5. Immediately turn into low heat and add the chickenimg_5665
  6. Stir the chicken until it completely covered with the yellowish pasteimg_5667
  7. Let it cook for about 15 minutes. We don’t add the water first to make sure that the chicken will absorb all the herbs and spices
  8. Add 200 ml of water and continue cooking in low heat while stirring occasionally, moving the chicken on the top to the bottom and vice versaimg_5669
  9. Add water if necessary to avoid the bottom of the pan gets burnt (50 ml everytime)
  10. When the water has mixed with the yellowish paste and becomes very thick (usually for about 2 hours because I used kampong chicken which needed more time to cook), check the tenderness of the chicken. If the chicken is not cooked yet, add water again little by little (50 ml everytime). If the chicken is cooked, turn off the heat.img_5680
  11. Separate the chicken from the yellowish paste in a bowl and discard lime leaves, salam leaves, ginger, galangal, and lemongrass
    The chicken

    The paste which we will use to make the crispy bits
    The paste which we will use to make the crispy bits
  12. First, we will fry the paste to make the crispy bites. You can either continue working in the same wok or move the paste to another non sticky pan. You can either work in medium heat or low heat if you’re afraid the bits might get burn. Do not work in high heat. Cover the wok with lid because it will most porbably splatter. Open half of the lid carefully every 30 seconds and stir. Do this until the paste becomes thick and not watery. Open the lid completelybumbu-ayam-goreng
  13. When it became to sticky because I worked in a used wok, I moved it to a new non sticky pan. I added 1 tbsp of cooking oil to make it really crispyimg_5691
  14. From this stage, you have to keep stirring using a wooden spatula so the it wont get burnt. Keep stirring until it is not sticky and does not stick to the spatula. The color should be dark brown and crispy. It will take at least 30 minutes to do this crispy bits. So be patient for best resultimg_5694
  15. Move the crispy bits to a plate and let it cool. Store in a a store tight container in the refrigerator and it will remain crispy for a week
  16. Next step, prepare a clean non sticky pan and deep fry the chicken until dark brownimg_5696
  17. Remove the chicken to the serving plateimg_5699
  18. Serve the fried chicken with the crispy bits, hot steam rice, raw vegetables (lalapan), and sambal terasi (chili paste with shrimp paste)img_5710

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