Mie Godog / Noodle Soup Recipe from Central Java, Indonesia


My parents and all their children were born in Central Java, one of a big province in Indonesia. I also spent the first 5 years of my childhood in Semarang, the capital city of Central Java before the whole family moved to Jakarta. Even though my mother has lived in Jakarta for so many years, she still likes to cook Javanese food. One of the dish that we always love so much is this traditional noodle soup from Central Java. She used to cook this dish when the three of us were still living under one roof with our parents.

In my house and originally, this dish was usually served for dinner and on plates, not bowls. Although we can now easily find this dish during lunch time, but this hot noodle soup is actually more suitable for dinner when the weather turns colder, and especially when it rains……………..

To get the authentic feeling when eating this dish, remember to serve this soup on plates and not in bowls. Also, add a mixture of chopped red and green chili padi (use the small ones because they are more spicy than the big ones) and mix with sweet soy sauce. Mix the noodle soup with this mixture of spiciness and one plate will not be enough for you.

This noodle soup is different from any other noodle soup because it uses candlenuts as one of the ingredient. For seasoning, it is also only use salt, pepper, and a little bit of sugar which is very simple and healthy (no sauce added). For me, I’d like to add a bit of soy sauce just to give extra flavor and color to the soup. If possible, only use homemade chicken broth for the soup because it will make the soup taste more delicious. I also love the combination of green leafy vegetables such as bok choy with the pale white cabbage inside the noodle soup because they make the noodle soup more complete, healthier, and more delicious. Those two vegetables were the same combination that my mom used when making this dish for years.


*This recipe is for 4 servings*


  1. 200 egg noodle
  2. 10 spring onion, minced
  3. 5 garlic
  4. 3 shallot or 1/2 large red onion
  5. 2 candlenuts
  6. 150 gr chicken fillet, minced
  7. 5 meatballs or fisballs, cut into 4 each
  8. 1 tomato, cut in thinly slices
  9. 1.3 L chicken broth
  10. 200 gr cabbage, cut in bite size
  11. 200 bok choy or chye sim, cut in bite size
  12. 1 tbsp salt, or to taste
  13. 2 tsp sugar
  14. 1 tsp sweet soy sauce (optional)
  15. 2 tbsp cooking oil
  16. fried shallots


  1. Cook egg noodle in boiling water until they’re just barely tender (don’t overcook the noodle since we are going to cook the noodle again in chicken broth). Drain and transfer to a bowl
  2. Stir fry candlenuts in a non stick pan (without oil) until fragrant and the color turn to light brown. Set aside
  3. Process candlenuts, garlic, and shallots in a food processor until smooth and form a paste. Set aside
  4. Bring the chicken broth to boil
  5. While waiting for the broth to boil, prepare a large pan and add 2 tbsp of cooking oil
  6. Heat the oil and add the mixture of candlenuts, garlic, and shallots. Stir fry until really fragrant
  7. Add half portion of the minced spring onion to the pan and stir for another 2 minutes
  8. Add tomato, stir fry for 1 minute
  9. Add chicken, cook until the chicken turn color
  10. Add chicken broth, then add salt, sugar, and sweet soy sauce. Cook until the chicken is tender
  11. Add meatballs or fishballs, green vegetables, and cabbage
  12. When the vegetables are half cooked, add noodle. Mix together and cook until the vegetables reach the tenderness that you want
  13. Turn of the heat, transfer the noodle soup to 4 plates
  14. Top the noodle soup with spring onion and fried shallot and serve hot



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