Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken / Ayam Goreng Tepung Krispi


At first, I thought that everyone who liked to eat fried chicken would like to eat the crispy one, so I was surprised when a friend of mine said that she didn’t like to eat crispy fried chicken. She said that she would prefer then one that was a bit soggy and not crispy at all. Well, but that was just a matter of preference. For me, I still like the super crispy fried chicken and my favorite up to now is still the “Colonel” brand.

When my son was a toddler, he didn’t like to eat fried chicken. At first we thought that maybe because it was hard to chew, but then again he could eat pizza easily………….so that wasn’t the matter at all. When he’s growing up, and even until now………….his taste bud has changed and he’s now a big fan of crispy fried chicken.

As a mom, I do not let him eat fried chicken outside home very often because I know it’s not good for is health. I am mostly concerned about the chicken, the seasoning, and the oil that the restaurant used to cook the fried chicken.

The one thing that I like by making fried chicken at home, is that I have full control of what to use and how to cook. I only use fresh chicken that I buy from the wet market. I only add natural seasoning such as fresh garlic, shallot, a little salt, and the most important thing is…………I only use new and fresh oil, and not reuse the old oil that I’ve used to cook previously.


Few weeks ago, when searching for new recipes, I stumbled on this recipe: Buttermilk Fried Chicken and the recipe claimed that the result would be as good as the restaurant one. Since my son and I are big fans of fried chicken, we decided to give it a try. We must say that the result was good that we made it again for the second time the following week. My son could finish 2 chickens plus a bunch of homemade french fries every time he ate.

Since I never like to buy frozen fries, I always make my own french fries from scratch at home. After I tried several times with different kinds of potatoes, I must say that my favorite is Berastagi Potatoes (from Sumatera, Indonesia). They’re not easy to break when being cooked and they taste better too.


The taste of the fried chicken was also almost resemble the “Colonel” brand. So far, we enjoyed it a lot and it was very delicious and crispy too. Also, it is a lot healthier to make this at home since you know exactly what ingredients that you are using before this dish is being served in the dining table.


  1. 3 chicken thighs, cut each chicken into 2 parts
  2. 2 tbsp salt + 1 tsp salt
  3. 3 garlic
  4. 1 shallot
  5. 1 tsp coriander powder
  6. 1 cup buttermilk
  7. 10 tbsp all purpose flour
  8. 1 egg, beaten
  9. 10 ml water
  10. Cooking oilIMG_2559


  1. Grind 2 tbsp of salt, garlic, and shallot with mortar and pestle. Transfer to a plate or a medium bowl
  2. Add coriander powder to the bowl
  3. Toss the chicken pieces with other ingredients in the bowl until they mix well
  4. Add 1 cup of buttermilk into the bowl. Stir in buttermilk until chicken is coated. Refrigerate for 3 hours
  5. Combine flour and 1 tsp of salt in a large bowl or a big Ziploc bag (I used big transparent plastic bag so my kitchen wouldn’t be too messy and my son could help shake the bag which was very fun for him)
  6. Remove chicken from the buttermilk and dredge each piece in the flour. Shake the bag until the chicken is well coated with flour. After this step, you can immediately deep fried the chicken until golden brown or continue with this next step for double coating:
  7. In another bowl, mix beaten egg with 10 ml of water
  8. Shake off any excess flour from the chicken and coat well with egg mixture
  9. Put the chicken bag into the Ziploc bag and shake again until chicken is well coated with flour. Shake any excess flour from the chicken and transfer the chicken to a clean plate. Cover the plate for 30 minutes with clean cloth until you see crumbs performed around the chicken
  10. Heat oil in a large pan in medium heat. Add1 tsp of flour mixture and if the oil is bubbling and sizzling immediately, then the oil is hot enough, Turn to low heat and add all the chicken into the pan. If the oil is not hot anymore and you don’t hear the sizzling sound, turn to medium heat wait until the oil is sizzling again. When you hear the sizzling sound, turn the heat to low again. Do it until both sides of the chicken pieces are golden brown. You need to cook in low heat to make sure the chicken meat is cooked thoroughly with crispy skin
  11. Remove chicken from the oil and transfer to a cooling rack set over a paper towel. Serve with homemade french fries and chili sauce
  12. Serve the chicken immediately or if you want to keep it for later, you can always reheat in the oven and the chicken will still be crispy as before



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