Sambal Bakso / Chili Sauce for Soup and Noodle

I used my Kikkoman soy sauce bottle to keep my homemade chili sauce

I can’t live without chili. My husband even said that chili is my main food while the rice and everything else are just the condiments, hahaha…………..but that’s true because I think most food is tasteless without chili. My family (my parents and one of my sister) is also chili lover. My mom used to make her own chili sauce for us to eat at home since we were young.

Luckily, we, Indonesian people have many kinds of handmade chili sauce. I bet there are more than one hundred variation of chili sauce, and it feels like every dish has different kind of chili to eat with…………….and I am serious. Every province (and we have more than 30 provinces) also has their own chili sauce recipe too. So yeah, no wonder we have many types of chili sauce and you bet they’re all very spicy.

One of it is what we know as sambal bakso. It is a special chili sauce that is best to eat with meatball soup (bakso kuah), soto (Indonesia traditional chicken soup), or any kind of noodle dish (mie ayam, mie bakso). My mom used to make this in big batches because she knew we all love to eat with this. She would keep it in the fridge and sometimes got very upset when we finished it very quickly, hahaha…………..yeah no wonder, at that time she grinned everything with mortar and pestle (diulek dengan cobek) and not with blender, that was why she said it was so tiring but it didn’t last for a week. This recipe is based on what my mom used to taught me. She always said that we should bring everything to boil once we blend the chili and other ingredient so it will last longer without getting spoiled.



  1. 100 gr red chili padi (cabe merah keriting)
  2. 2 cloves of garlic, crushed
  3. 200 ml water
  4. 1 tsp sugar
  5. 1/4 tsp salt
  6. lime juice from 1 small lime
  7. 1 tbsp bottled chili sauce (Sambal Jempol or Belibis or ABC Extra Hot) – this is optional. The texture of the bottled chili sauce is like a paste and resembles ketchup but the color is light red


  1. In a pan or pot, add chili padi, garlic, and water and bring the water to boil (cook for about 3 minutes) IMG_1447
  2. Transfer the ingredients in the pan to a blender. Add salt and sugar to the blender and process until the seeds are well blendedIMG_1448
  3. Transfer all the ingredients in the blender back to the pan with 1 tbsp of bottled chili sauce. Bring the sauce to boil again IMG_1449
  4. Transfer to a bowl and add lime juice IMG_1543
  5. When the chili sauce is cool enough, store it in a bottle or jar with lid and keep it in the refrigerator for further use. Use any kind of bottles or jar that you have at home (make sure you clean it thoroughly before using it to keep your chili sauce)

    I used my Kikkoman soy sauce bottle to keep my homemade chili sauce



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