Sexy Women Have Messy Kitchens

Is that quote sounds familiar? If that’s true, then I think I’m far from sexy because my kitchen is not messy, hahahaha……………

No, I think it means that it’s okay to have a messy kitchen because mom is a super busy person. The most important thing is to serve food on the table right on time before the children get hungry and throw (seems like) unending tantrum. One of my friend also let her kitchen in a big mess when she has to take care of her two sick children. She will clean up everything only when the children are already sleep in peace.

For me, as long as the kitchen is clean than it’s okay to have it untidy sometimes. That will prove that my kitchen is a real kitchen and I really use it to cook. It’s not just a kitchen like in the magazines or IKEA catalog or celebrity kitchens that often showed on TV. This is where I produce real, good, and healthy food everyday.

For me, I don’t like my kitchen to get messy. That is why I always use so many paper towels to clean up during my cooking process and after I finish cooking, plus wipe it with wet cloth every two days and wash it thoroughly (including scrubbing) every week. I have to clean the kitchen after cooking because I don’t like dirty and untidy kitchen whenever I walk to the kitchen, especially when I am about to start cooking again. Plus, it will be very difficult to clean once the kitchen gets too dirty.

Well, I will not be talking about sexy women anymore because I’m not an expert in that, but I think in order to stay sexy we have to eat good and healthy food. My family is not a vegetarian, but we avoid eating certain meat because of health reason, although sometimes during the holiday I really don’t care and let us eat everything that we want. As I am getting older, I also realize that it’s very easy to gain weight but very difficult to lose weight…………plus in the uncertain weather like this (sometimes it’s very hot then suddenly heavy rain comes in half an hour followed by the scorching sun again), I do think we must have a balance diet and eat fruits and vegetables a lot more than usual.

IMG_7012Salad with mayonnaise and thousand island sauce

Daddy and I are big fans of salad, and we were so glad when we found this salad dressing in NTUC Fair Price Supermarket (my friend said it was already available but we never really searched for it).

Japanese Salad Dressing
Japanese Salad Dressing

It’s the Roasted Sesame Salad Dressing (based on Japanese recipe). The one that we bought in supermarket has a slightly different taste than the one I tried in my friend’s house (she bought it originally from Japan), but this one is also good for our taste. I suppose it should be healthier than using mayonnaise plus thousand island in our salad (I think………..). We like it so much and already made bowls of salad with this dressing.

Speaking of Japanese food, isn’t this dish look delicious?

Unagi Set
Unagi Set

It was the Unagi Set that daddy had when he was on one of his business trip to Japan, and he sent me those pictures which made me really really want to try. It looks sooo delucious…………but yet very expensive…………..maybe when we finally go to Japan we will just order one set for the three of us, hahaha…………turis kere memang susah ya,  or hopefully we will be rich enough to order three sets when that time comes…………Amen.

One of the effect of my addiction to “The Return Of Superman” was that my curiosity on Japanese Strawberry. Looking at how the children munching on strawberries in that reality show in almost every episode that I’ve watched had making me craving for strawberries too. The strawberries that I found in Indonesia or Singapore were all sour and I’ve never tested a really sweet strawberry, so I sent daddy on a mission to buy me a box of strawberry in the supermarket on his visit to Japan……….Well, he didn’t find any, but instead he went home with these…………..:

Fresh strawberry in red bean mochi
So cute……………..Fresh strawberry in red bean mochi

I loved it! The red bean mochi was good and the strawberries were huge and although not as sweet as I expected them to be, they were still better than any strawberries that I’ve ever eaten.

Another dish that I started to like is Japanese ramen. When I was still living in Jakarta, I’ve tried ramen in some famous restaurants that my friends recommended, but never liked the taste (including the gyoza). In here, I think (in my taste) the ramen and gyoza both have different taste and I started to like both of them. My favorite is of course the spicy ramen (because I can not imagine eating noodle without chili…………).

Spicy Ramen at Ramen Champion in Changi Airport Terminal 3
Spicy Ramen at Ramen Champion in Changi Airport Terminal 3


This boy doesn't like ramen, but likes anything deep fried in Japanese restaurant (fried salmon, tempura, etc)
This boy doesn’t like ramen, but likes anything deep fried in Japanese restaurant (fried salmon, tempura, etc)

Ok, enough about Japanese food as it makes me hungry although I just finished my lunch………… talking about healthy living doesn’t mean we only eat low carb food or do not eat fried food. I still cook noodles, pasta, fried food, etc, but I always try to make sure that we also have enough veggie inside.

For instance, we love baked spaghetti so much. It’s one of our favorite food (but it takes a lot of time to make it because my boy likes to eat it with my home made croutons and I always make fresh bread from scratch with my bread machine). Instead of using red meat aka. beef, I use chicken and add carrot, peas, and mushroom. In the picture below it didn’t have mushroom because I forgot to buy mushroom and I was too lazy to walk 30 minutes from home to the market and go back home again just for a packet of $1 mushroom. So I had no mushroom, but I had broccoli………so broccoli it was…………..

Baked spaghetti in tomato sauce with chicken, carrot, peas, with additional broccoli salad and homemade croutons with parmesan cheese
Baked spaghetti in tomato sauce with chicken, carrot, peas, with additional broccoli salad and homemade croutons with parmesan cheese

I am also a big fan of fried food, such as fried tempeh, tofu, corn fritters, vegetables fritters, etc………..while my son is a big fan of fried dumplings. To make them healthier, I sometimes do not use chicken or pork but white fish as tenggiri or batang flesh. Then add with grated carrot, minced dried mushroom, lots and lost of minced salary, and add with minced fresh garlic. Delicious and full of nutrients inside……………

Fried dumplings with tenggiri fish, prawn, carrot, mushroom, and celery
Fried dumplings with tenggiri fish, prawn, carrot, mushroom, and celery

I will close this post by sharing one of our family favorite food, this is not something Japanese……….but very Javanese.

Daddy most favorite food is soto ayam (Indonesia traditional chicken soup). The boy didn’t really like it previously, but since I cook this very often, he is now liking this dish also. I like to cook this also because my son can eats lots of bean sprouts in this dish (he usually didn’t like this veggie).

To make is easier to search for this recipe, I already moved this recipe to a new post here.


4 thoughts on “Sexy Women Have Messy Kitchens

  1. Japanese salad dressing Emang enak dan harusnya lbh sehat dari thousands Island karena gak creamy ya.
    Disini kita suka beli dari salah satu resto yg emang jual salad dressing nya juga. Jd dibikin fresh dan pake pengawet.

  2. wow.. rajin banget masak… salut deh 🙂
    pengetahuan baru nih, poya ternyata campuran krupuk udang sama garlic toh.. hahaha selama ini suka bertanya2 terbuat dari apakah poya itu.. tapi ga pernah cari tau, :p

    oh, kayak gitu toh penampakan strawberrynya.. looks yummy!

    1. Memang aku lebih seneng masak drpd beberes rumah. Aku juga baru tau poya itu apaan krn merried sama suamiku yg orang surabaya ini, kalo enggak sih yg namanya poya aja clueless deh, baru kenal kalo ada makanan yg namanya poya ya wkt pacaran dan diajak makan ke soto ambengan. Strawberrynya enak lho, gak asem sama sekali

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