How To Roast The Whole Chicken (Another Very Easy Recipe)

We all like roasted chicken, and I’ve tried making roasted chicken before. Twice. Both were failed! Although the chickens were still edible, but the result and the taste were not satisfying. I’ve read many recipes before and followed through everything including all the many ingredients to put inside the chickens in hope that my roasted chickens would turn delicious. Instead, I got burnt chicken, too salty and smelly chicken (remember that I put so many ingredients as I said before inside the chicken’s cavity that made the chickens had very strong smell), too dry chicken, and no good juice was left after I cooked my chickens. That was why I was a bit worry to make another roasted chickens.

Then I saw Curtis Stone in one of his cooking video showed how to make roasted chicken from the whole chicken. It was so easy that I was quite underestimate the recipe at first. But it was also very easy that I thought it would worth to try and I was going to damp the chickens into the garbage bin if it was not a success……………..

Lucky for us that it turned out soooo………delicious (everyone was hungry and my sister was coming to visit us for dinner, so I already made a second plan if my roasted chicken was failed, and that was to ask daddy to buy food in the nearest food court…………….). It was a top notch and to my surprise I couldn’t see the chicken anymore once the dinner was finished………….while my original plan was to save some for breakfast, it turned out that everyone loved the chicken so much and finished every part of the chicken except the bones. Even the boy had it with steam carrot, corns, and peas salad (he usually never liked this kind of salad).

Now here’s the recipe:

How to make roasted chicken:

  1. Rinse 1 whole chicken (I used kampong chicken)with cold water and pat it dry. I removed the feet, neck, head, and wings and keep them to make chicken broth.
  2. Season the chicken with salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil. Rub the chicken with those three ingredients with your hand including the inside part of the chicken. Since I like salty chicken, I put a generous amount of salt
  3. Tie the chicken’s legs (drumstick)
  4. Put in the heated oven (180 C) for 55 minutes. I cooked it for exactly 55 minutes and it turned out great. You can cook longer if you want the chicken to be more crispy
  5. Cut the string around drumstick, pour the juice inside the chicken and in the baking tray to a small pot
  6. Carve the chicken starts from both legs, then the breast. Pour the remaining juice on top of the chicken
  7. Serve immediately with salad or potato

My chicken just came out from the oven
My chicken just came out from the oven

Nice, delicious, and crispy chicken with salted juice
Nice, delicious, and crispy chicken with salted juice
Now I can have a very easy dinner preparation with this recipe…………


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