Holiday Comes, Holiday Goes

Chinese New Year Holiday is over and school had already started on Monday. Overall, we had a great long weekend although most of the time we just stayed at home. It was great because the three of us could have a long holiday together (daddy already had his holiday since Wednesday and on that day school finished at 10 am with no lesson at all, so we considered Wednesday was already our holiday).

I came to school to watch the performance and although most of the P3 students didn’t perform (except for the Higher Mother Tongue Class), but I enjoyed watching the Wushu, Chinese Dance, Guzheng, choir performance, or just chit chat with other parents on the back of the hall. There was also Lion Dance Performance (barongsai) which the children and parents liked so much. We still stayed after school to take pictures with his friends in the canteen area.

Goody bag from school including 2 oranges for parents distributed by the Principal and Vice Principal themselves

Based from our experience last year, we chose to stay at home most of the time to avoid the crowd. Even the boy refused to go out and preferred to relax, enjoy, and read books at home (he said that himself), but he went to Pasir Ris Park Playground one time and the playground near our home almost everyday. He would see first from the kitchen windows whether other kids were already there, if it was still empty he wouldn’t want to go.

We already borrowed some books from the library, so we had many books to read. The boy also went for swimming lesson and we had lunch with his friend and her family after that. It was great as we could spend the time together and even at lunch time the children chose to sit side by side………so sweet……………

On the morning of Chinese New Year, we gave his red packets and continued the day as usual. We planned to go out but thinking that most restaurants would be closed and the ones opened would be very crowded, we decided to stay at home and eat home cooked food.

After almost 3 days stayed at home, we finally got bored and decided to go to the cinema to Shaun The Sheep.

Since we stayed home most of the time, of course I also had to cook most of our meals and snacks. Being at home with one big boy and 1 small boy at home, it felt like I couldn’t stop doing this and that in the kitchen. For the snacks, I made pudding, cheese white bread, croutons, and mung bean porridge (bubur kacang hijau),  Since the supermarket and wet market were closed or only opened half day during the holiday, I already stocked my food ingredients in my fridge. Since I didn’t need to supervise the lil one on his study (he was free from studying for 3 days) and had daddy to accompany him to play, I could cook some dishes that take quite a long time to make. Mostly, I cooked different things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If I already cooked dishes that took time to make, for the rest of the day I only made simple ones like spaghetti aglio olio (recipe can be found in here).

Although it’s simple, but it still needs a lot of washing to do………

One of our favorite food is also……of course………..fried noodle. I like to use Indonesian egg noodle because somehow it tastes better and the curly structure is also nicer after the cooking is done. I’ve served this when my friends and their children came for play date in our house, and it was a big hit and finished quicker than other food. Indonesian recipe for fried noodle is different that the usual fried noodle that I find in here, and since I am used to this kind of fried noodle, I like this one better.

Fried noodle for dinner

The lil one had been asked for croutons since last month, and kept asking of when I would make them, and he even gave me a deadline, hahaha…………

To make good croutons, I had to make the white bread first. I tried to use white bread that I bought from the bakery several times, but the results were never good enough for us. So I always stick of making my own bread when making croutons.

Lil one favorite strawberry yogurt jelly and cheese white bread to make croutons
Croutons with parmesan……………..making croutons is a big job for me because there are many things to clean and wash after that, including cleaning the bread crumb on the kitchen table and floor of course…………..

Other dish that both boys love is fish soup, and although it was a hard work (and time consuming too) to make this soup, I still made it during the holiday. Our favorite family recipe for fish soup can be found in here.

For the remaining stock that I made for the fish soup, I used it to make one of my favorite Indonesian fishball recipe, which we called tekwan. Tekwan recipe can be found in here.

I also made fried shrimp with mayonnaise and it tasted tasted so yummy. Add a bowl of salad so you’re not too guilty eating fried shrimp, hahaha…………

If I didn’t have much time to cook (because we were very lazy during the holiday, we woke up late and also took long nap, and after we woke up we usually felt hungry so I needed to prepare something quick), I made simple dish like this:

Home Cook Food
Fried tilapia fish with traditional Indonesian spices, chicken teriyaki, spicy milk fish (special from my aunt in Indonesia and I just needed to steam the cooked fish) and stir fry vegetable, mung bean porridge, and grilled salmon teriyaki

Oh, and not to forget our family favorite food, which is fried chicken in Worcester sauce with homemade potato chips. To be honest, I do not make this very often as it is really takes time and energy to make the chips.

And that was all we did during the holiday………………see ya in another holiday cooking session.



4 thoughts on “Holiday Comes, Holiday Goes

  1. Asik ya long weekend. Relaxing at home itu asik bgt buat recharge energi ya. 🙂

    Film shaun the sheep Gak masuk lho disini. Film nya jd gak ada kata kata nya kayak di tv show nya gt?

    1. Ada ngomongnya kok sedikit yg bagian orang2nya itu, tapi kebanyakab ya bahasa hewan gitu, hahaha….. Lumayanlah menghibur walopun sebetulnya rada gak worthed juga sih beli tiket mahal cuma demi shaun ini, hehehe…..

  2. hai salam kenal…!
    Seneng deh baca- baca cerita disini. apalagi liat postingan resepnya, simpel and gak pake ribet . Rasanya jadi pengen nyoba juga bikin si ayam sama potato chips nya ^_^

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