His Favorite Food (Simple Salmon Teriyaki Recipe)

The boy loves salmon so much………..and that always makes me wonder how he can like this fish very much. I never ate salmon when I was pregnant, I never like salmon even until now, and when he was a baby we almost never gave him salmon. We didn’t give salmon as his baby food because we didn’t know how to cook salmon, and it had always left  fishy taste and smell to his porridge.

Salmon was quite an expensive food for us too that day, so we didn’t give him this fish when he was smaller. We gave local fish like gourami, red tilapia, pomfret fish, tenggiri, and other fish that could be easily find in Indonesia. All those fish are good for health and some of them are sold alive at the fishmonger in the wet market. My mom always believes that fresh and live fish is better than the “death” or frozen one.

Since we moved here and it is hard to find live fish in the market (and some fish is also can not be find in the supermarket), I started to find other alternatives of what kind of fish to buy and how to cook the fish. I have no idea of when I started cooking salmon, but I’m sure the first time I cooked salmon was when we already moved here. Since then, the boy loves my salmon teriyaki so much that he even declared it as his favorite food.

“Yay, salmon for lunch………..”

“Salmon itu kesukaanku” (salmon is my favorite food)

“Ini salmonnya jenis apa sih, enak” (what kind of salmon is this, it tastes nice). Pertanyaan ini cuma bisa dijawab dengan tatapan bengong mamanya yang bahkan untuk bedain beberapa jenis ikan di pasar aja masih bingung, lha kok ditanya salmonnya jenis apa, eh tapi langsung dijawab sendiri sih sama dia “pink salmon yaaa…….”. Eh ya iyalah, salmonnya kan emang pink, hihihi……………….

“I’m running out of fish……..” this was said when he had lunch with daddy and he already finished 2 slices of salmon and still had some rice left. So daddy generously gave his one slice of salmon to the boy………

See, how he really likes my salmon teriyaki…………..Funny thing is, he doesn’t like to eat salmon outside, even if it’s a teriyaki salmon. So he specifically only likes my salmon teriyaki! What a happy mamma I am……………

In term of presentation, my salmon dish looks terrible (yes, I admit it), but as long as the taste is good for both daddy and the boy, I stop worrying about my food presentation. As a mother with no helper who have to cook almost everyday, healthy food with good taste is my number one priority. I have to plate the dish in time before the boy goes home from school or ASAP after daddy comes home because he also always says: “I’m so hungry……..” The boys never really seem to care about food presentation, even when we dine outside. Daddy even said that my salmon teriyaki was better than the one he ate is some places that made me happy……………….(susah nih memang, istri haus pujian, hahaha………….).

Marinate thin slice salmon with mash garlic, kikkoman soy sauce, and kikkoman thick teriyaki sauce for 1 hour in the fridge. Then I grill the fish in my happy call pan (no oil or butter needed in my happy call pan when I grill this fish)


  1. 1 small packet of Fresh Salmon for 3 persons / 300 gr (I like to cut in thinly slices)
  2. 1 garlic (mash well)
  3. 2 tbsp kikkoman soy sauce
  4. 1 tbsp teriyaki sauce


  1. Marinate the fish with all the rest of the ingredient
  2. Put in the refrigerator (don’t freeze the fish) for at least one hour
  3. Grill in a pan until cooked
  4. Serve with hot steam rice


Good thing is that he now beginning to like salmon rice and salmon with spaghetti in cream cheese sauce in Pepper Lunch Restaurant. The salmon always comes plain (no sauce at all) and he needs to mix with the rice (which already has seasoning) or spaghetti with cream cheese sauce. I was so happy when I found out that Pepper Lunch replaced the chicken in the spaghetti cream sauce with plain salmon. Absolutely a healthier choice for the boy!

Yesterday, he said that my salmon in no longer his favorite food, now it’s the second. I was like “huh, how come, you always say salmon is your favorite food. What is your number one now?”

He said loudly: “FISH AND CHIPS”

Yeah, rite………..


2 thoughts on “His Favorite Food (Simple Salmon Teriyaki Recipe)

    1. Gua malah belum pernah kasih coba anak gua salmon sashimi, kayaknya perlu dicoba nih siapa tau doyan. Tapi kalo doyan repot juga ya, mahal kan itu, hahaha…… tapi perlu dicoba deh kayaknya dikenalin

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