Food (That) Makes Me Happy: Crispy Scramble Egg

It is true that sometimes simple things can make me very happy. Imagine when I had to wake up early in the morning on school holiday because the boy said “I’m hungry.” That was a sign that he wanted me to get up from the bed and cook something. I needed to prepare something quick for breakfast because if not, he would keep saying “I’m hungry, I’m really hungry………….are you done (cooking) yet?”

Lucky I already had my rice cooked in the rice cooker an hour before (I went back to sleep after I press the cook button in my magic com). So to accompany the hot steam rice,  I just made this very simple breakfast for him:


That was absolutely a very simple breakfast made less than 5 minutes. I just needed to crack one kampong chicken egg into a non stick pan, add a pinch of salt, and stir until the egg is crisp (yes, we like overcooked scramble egg that is crispy and salty). For better taste, I sometimes mix together 1 egg, a pinch of salt, half minced garlic, and minced spring onion then stir fry them together in my cooking pan (that was how my mom made my breakfast when I was still living with her).

Although I thought it was a simple breakfast for the boy, but he assured me that “Scramble egg is a yummy breakfast for me, hmmm…….yummy……….” 

And I felt sooo…………happy and he really made my day……………..

That’s why I always wake up in the morning to prepare breakfast even on school holidays (doesn’t apply on weekend when daddy is at home and willing to go outside to buy us breakfast…………..).

I know it’s a short post (unlike my usual posts), but I think I will try to keep some of my writings this way from now……………because I want to keep writing and posting something, and these days I have no mood of writing at all, not even one single line. I have many things in my draft (some posts even have complete pictures but not a single word), but I can not think clearly of how to finish my writings. So hopefully, making simple and short writing will boost my mood to complete other long stories that have been waiting in my computer.


  1. One egg, beaten
  2. 1 garlic, minced
  3. Spring onion, minced
  4. A pinch of salt


  1. Mix together all the ingredients in a bowl
  2. Make scramble egg in non sticking pan (use a little oil) and keep stirring until crisp

2 thoughts on “Food (That) Makes Me Happy: Crispy Scramble Egg

    1. Iyes, emang telur dadar kecap wakti gua kecil tuh juara banget deh. Kalo lagi laper di luar jam makan, nyokap tinggal ngedadar ini trus dipotong2 dan dibagi2, simple tapi uenak bgt. Dan gua juga kepikiran, kok gak pernah lagi ya bikin beginian di rumah, kayaknya anak gua mesti dikenalin ke telor dadar kecap nih secepatnya, hahaha….

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