Cheese Breadstick

Cheese Breadstick

This bread has been my lil boy’s favorite for all these years. Every time we go to the bakery, this has to be in his shopping list. I must say he’s “addicted” to this bread. The first time we “introduced” this bread to him was when we were still living in Jakarta, and I remember it was from Bread Talk. Every time we went to mall, or if someone went to the mall, he would ask to buy this bread, and it was always from Bread Talk.

When we moved to Singapore, it doesn’t change. When he attended his English Course in Simei few months ago, he saw there was a Bread Talk store in the first floor. After that, every week before he went to his classroom, we had to stop by in this bakery and buy some bread, and one of them must be cheese breadstick. He really is falling in love with this bread.

Finding cheese breadstick is easier here, since most of the bakeries here sell this type of bread. So now that he’s not attending his English class in Simei anymore, he will ask us to buy him this bread every time we stop by at a bread store.

I never thought of making this bread by myself. I have problems with my oven (don’t blame me, blame my oven…), because when I bake bread in my oven, it usually burns! So I hate baking bread in my oven. I’ve tried several techniques that I found in the internet “of how to make your bread not burn on top”, but usually it fails. Then I found a trust able recipe from a trust able source (I mean sometimes I find recipes with beautiful pictures which always make me wonder whether they’re real or not…), so I challenged my self to try this recipe.

I have to cheer myself for successfully making this bread. I sat in front of my oven during the whole baking process and did some things that I will explain below to prevent my bread from burning. Thankfully, my bread turned out beautiful and delicious. My lil boy loved it so much that he immediately took a plate and “line up” in front of me to get his first bread. When I said that it was still hot (I just took it out from the oven), he was a little grumpy and said that he was sooooo…….hungry. He finally finished two big bread. He also brought this bread to school for two days to be eaten at recess time without complaining (he usually complains if I bring him the same food to school for two days in the row).

What I love from this bread and what makes it different from the bread that we usually buy from the bread store are:

  1. I can put as much cheese as I want
  2. This bread has a firm structure inside, unlike the bread that we usually buy from the bakery which I can easily deflate with my hand (kempes/kopong)
  3. Very soft and fluffy, still very good even after I refrigerated it
  4. We can eat as much as we want

I used the tangzhong method for making this bread. For more information about tangzhong, please refer to my post in here.

Now, this is the complete recipe and tutorial of how to make this bread:


Original recipe taken from food4tots

Make: 9 breadsticks


  • 65 gr water
  • 75 gr tangzhong
  • 60 gr egg, beaten
  • 6g salt
  • 30g sugar
  • 12g milk powder
  • 195g bread flour
  • 90g plain (all purpose) flour
  • 6g instant yeast
  • 45g unsalted butter, melted (at room temperature)

For wash at the top of the bread:
1 tsp milk

For garnishing:
Shredded cheese (combination of mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan)
Fresh chopped parsley or celery


  1. Place all the ingredients (except the melted butter) into the bread machine, set for dough
  2. Wait until all the ingredients come together (and not stick into the bread pan), than add butter
  3. Let the machine finish it’s kneading cycle, wait until 5 to 10 minutes, press the stop button, set the machine to dough and let it start again from the beginning to the end. From my experience, I never have a smooth dough from my bread machine with 1 kneading time (especially when using tangzhong method). So I let my machine knead twice.
  4. Divide the dough into 9 portions with 60g each. Round each portion into a ball shape and cover with cling wrap to let it rest for another 10 minutes (at room temperature).
  5. After resting, use your hands to flatten and deflate the dough
  6. Then turn the dough bottom side up
  7. Use your hands to roll the dough up into an oval shape
  8. Seal the ends tightly
  9. Then roll it out into a stick about 20-25 cm long
  10. Place on a baking tray and let it proof for another 40 minutes.
  11. Preheat an oven at 180°C.
  12. Brush the dough with milk, sprinkle with cheese and chopped parsley. Bake at 180°C for 30 minutes.
Step 4 (top left)- Step 5 (top right)- Step 6 (bottom left)- Step 7 (bottom right)
Step 8 (top) – Step 9 (bottom)
Step 10 (left) – Step 12 (right)

Cheese Breadstick

Tips: Cover with tin foil for the first ten minutes of baking and last ten minutes of baking, so the cheese won’t burn. Cheese is easily melted and burnt, so this step will hinder the bread getting burn on the top.

Cheese Breadstick

The taste: I can guarantee you that it is much better than the one from the bakery.


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