My Homemade Croutons (Non Baked Version)

My boy and I love croutons very much. After eating those delicious croutons in Dome recently (which I had to share with lil boy), I wanted to make some myself. It’s not easy to find delicious croutons, they can be not too salty, too many MSG, too oily, or not crunchy enough.

Since I don’t have oven, I tried to make them fried (not with oil of course). I wanted to bring them as snacks in our picnic to Lower Seletar, but it turned out that the lil boy finish the whole croutons in the bowl that night. So I figured they must be good enough………

Here is the recipe:

What you need:

1. Three loaves of toast bread, cubes

2. Three spoonful of butter/margarine

3. One minced garlic

4. Parmesan Cheese

Ho To Make:

1. Put the butter in the frying pan, stay with low heat

2. Once the butter melted, put the bread and garlic

3. If you run out of butter and need to add some more, just do it

4. Stir and fry the bread until you get the crunchy texture, it’ll need quite a long time to get very crunchy texture

5. Put in a bowl, add parmesan cheese

Done, and it is that easy………my son add the parmesan cheese again and again since he really love cheese. I tried a few bites, and he finished them up in just a short time (very hungry or really like them???)

The croutons without cheese, with cheese, and add some more cheese

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